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The high street is under renewed pressure. As well as the long-term shift in spending from physical shops to online, retail sales in the UK have contracted quarter-on-quarter for the first time in more than three years as prices rise at their fastest pace since 2012 in response to the weakness of the pound.

It’s never been more important to connect with your customers and deliver a better shopper experience.

Transforming the in-store customer experience

As much as retailing and shoppers’ habits are changing, one thing remains the same. Keeping your customers satisfied means earning their loyalty and giving them the experience they want. With the help of our partners including Zebra, we can deliver a range of solutions that help you build relationships with shoppers, empower your employees and improve efficiencies through your IT operations. But all these improvements mean nothing if your customers leave your store without a smile on their face - and a bad experience at the till can quickly undo all your hard work. 

Simple but effective systems that improve customer convenience, from the store floor to the checkout, consistently improve customer satisfaction, loyalty and sales. That’s why queue-busting technology is the new must-have. Less time waiting to pay, or for an answer to a product question, is a universal benefit that all customers appreciate.

Get set to queue-bust

Queue-busting can be applied to any service where your customers traditionally have to wait to receive a service – from stock enquiries to payment. We can provide a range of mobile, WiFi-driven transaction systems that provide a way to reduce queues without adding expensive checkout counters, valuable retail space or staff. These range from automated check-outs to apps that run on mobile computers, tablets and printers that free your cashiers from the counter and add speed, security and professionalism to transaction processing operations.

The checkout line is the final opportunity to create customer engagement time, so when associates are armed with information through enterprise mobile technology at the point of sale, they can help increase sales—whether that’s through upselling related products or pointing out an item the shopper may need with his or her planned purchase. They can also help make a sale even if the item isn’t located in the store by ordering from the retailer’s website or checking inventory in other store locations, completing the transaction on the spot rather than potentially losing a sale.

With additional inbuilt CRM software functions, sales assistants can also access purchase history to help compare product or service options and make reordering easy. Our mobile POS solutions comprise of a handheld device, which can be paired with a payment card reader and print to a compact, portable printer.

Reduce the queues, increase upsell opportunities

When your employees aren’t tied to the till, they’re free to improve the overall experience on the shop floor. This interaction between sales assistants and customers increases one-to-one interaction, which improves the customer care experience and loyalty and can create new upsell opportunities. That’s good for business all round.

By providing smarter, faster better ways to work, from the loading bay to the stock room to the shop floor, we’re already helping a number of major high street UK retailers including Next, Kingfisher and Boots to deliver a better shopper experience. We’re also providing business critical managed services to keep our customers’ systems software up to date, monitor device usage, health and security. To find out more about ways we can help your business, get in touch.


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