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When your drivers start work each day, all the information they need for a productive day can be immediately available through a handheld device or mobile computer, pre-loaded with leading-edge applications that monitor and optimise performance in a variety of ways. All helping them to work smarter, faster, better – and safer too.

Vehicle safety checks

By law, every employer must make sure that their vehicles are maintained in “efficient mechanical order and in good repair.” Daily vehicle checks are a simple and effective way to spot potentially dangerous issues or defects before vehicles go out so it’s good practice to have a reporting system that ensures vehicles are safe and fit for purpose at the start of each shift. Our mobile computers and rugged handheld devices can carry all the information you need to replace time-consuming reporting via paper forms - from tyre pressures to fuel levels. And if there’s a physical issue with a vehicle or load, a photo can be taken and uploaded to the report. The benefits aren’t just safety related, well maintained vehicles can drive down running costs and improve customer satisfaction through fewer vehicle breakdowns.

Load planning

Using the latest imaging technology for pallet and package dimensioning as well as sophisticated load optimisation applications, we can ensure that your drivers can be confident that their vehicles have been loaded for maximum efficiency. It can also make sure that deliveries will be accurate and in the proper order for the route plan, saving time and money.

Route optimisation

With the high cost of fuel, it’s important to make sure that your drivers use the best, most cost-effective routes. Our handheld or mobile, in-vehicle computers can provide your drivers with dynamic, real time route optimisation, helping to meet tight delivery windows and increase operating efficiencies. It also enables your operations or despatch team to fulfil extra or emergency pickup and delivery requests. As well as maximising your fleet and increasing fuel efficiency, route optimisation will increase customer satisfaction with more on-time deliveries.

Fleet management & telematics

According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), around a third of all road accidents in the UK involve people who drive professionally for a living. The HSE puts the onus on employers to manage and, where possible, reduce the risks that their employees face on the road. Under the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007 companies can be held liable in instances where death has resulted from a road traffic accident caused by either a defective vehicle or a lack of driver risk management. By employing GPS tracking devices and a suite of sophisticated analytical programmes we can help you manage risk effectively and keep your employees safe and compliant at all times. As insurance scams become more common, including ‘crash for cash’ incidents, our tracking software can alert your fleet or operations manager instantly of any incident and supply them with the necessary data to counter any fraudulent allegations.

Turn-by-turn navigation

Using a GPS system, we can guide your drivers along their route in real time, providing up-to-the-minute audio or map-based turn-by-turn navigation assistance, ensuring the on-time deliveries that increase customer satisfaction. With the huge day-to-day or week-to-week variations in pickup and delivery locations, (and a number of different drivers on these routes) this is incredibly important.

Document capture applications

Our handheld computers cut down on paper-based documentation, providing fast, efficient customer service with bespoke, accurate document capture functionality. Proof of delivery, for example, can be quickly and simply confirmed through electronic signature capture. New functionality is also available to assist with streamlining proof of pickup through accurate bill of lading (BOL) scanning and processing. Both these capabilities help eliminate the delays and inaccuracies caused by paperwork with the driver or in the loading bay, making despatch more efficient, accounting quicker and easier and your drivers more productive by enabling more jobs per day.

We’re already helping a wide range of businesses in transport and logistics to work smarter, faster and better, including Hermes, Howard Tenens and Menzies Distribution.  We’re also providing business critical managed services to keep our customers’ systems software up to date, monitor device usage, health and security.  To find out more about ways we can help your business, get in touch.

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