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When your day starts badly you spend the rest of it playing catch-up. And too often, you never quite make it. The result? Cancelled appointments, field workers out of location, parts management issues and missed SLAs. That’s why businesses that optimise field worker assignments and employ dynamic scheduling from the start save money, improve productivity and keep their customers happy.

Connectivity is king

With our rugged, integrated mobile computing and printing solutions we connect every member of your field service team with your organisation and your customers for maximum efficiency and productivity – from the beginning to the end of the day. 

Opportunities to boost your team's start of day process and performance can include sign on to OBT system, DVIR process, asset/parts management and equipment sign-out. GPS functionality provides an optimized route and schedule which can reduce travel time and increase the number of calls that can be completed in a day.

Of course, when your technicians are out on the road there’s still things beyond your control. Road closures, illness or jobs that prove more complicated than anticipated, for example. By leveraging the integral GPS on your workforce’s rugged devices, your field service managers and dispatchers can quickly identify the current location of any driver, asset or vehicle and identify the closest, appropriately skilled technician - enabling a quick re-scheduling or a high priority diversion. Giving you back control and keeping to your SLAs. 

Other advantages of our mobile computing and scanning solutions include the ability to immediately relay sales orders, work orders and the parts needed to the field worker. You can also increase your first time resolution rate by expanding the knowledgebase available to your field technicians. It’s no longer a matter of personal experience, but shared, company-wide experience.

One size doesn’t fit all

We’re experts in helping your field technicians work smarter, faster, better. Together with our partners, we’ve provided tailormade solutions for organisations including Whirlpool, British Gas and Baxi. While the importance of balancing short-term and long-term needs seem obvious, the rapid innovation and change taking place in mobile computing means it’s never been more important to avoid quick fixes that could easily become obsolete. The most successful organisations take a step back and carefully match the technology available with their business process and goals.

We take the time to understand your SLAs and the exact business process your workforce repeatedly undertakes every day. We then map the technology to that process rather than have the technology drive the process. This exercise identifies opportunities and eliminates waste, such as when an enterprise buys technology but its workers do not effectively use it.

Give your field workers the tools they need to meet your SLAs


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