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Warehouse and distribution centre operations are becoming increasingly complex. The explosion in direct-to-consumer sales, slim margins and fierce competition means that optimising warehouse logistics has never been more crucial. On top of that, your customers are constantly expecting more - like same day deliveries. There’s no room for error and vital to your success is better inventory management.

All change in the warehouse

There’s much more to inventory management than knowing where everything is. Although it is an essential requirement and a sensible place to start making improvements. Inventory management involves total control of your warehouse stock and assets, from goods in to shipping. Lacking a fundamental understanding of your stock can lead to over/understocking, inefficiencies such as increased labour times, order delays that won’t please your customers and waste.

We provide a range of solutions to improve your warehouse management including barcode scanners, RFID systems, automatic identification and wireless LANs – just part of our warehouse and inventory management systems that focus on monitoring the flow of products and enhancing accuracy. Using automated, real-time cycle counting (and cycle count planning) for example can deliver 98% inventory accuracy or better. Our Warehouse Management Software (WMS) allows you to use barcode scanners and labels to ensure that you can instantly locate any product on your racks at any time.

Real solutions for real challenges

To get to grips with all the issues you face, and discover the ways that we can help you improve your stock inventory management, two of our partners, Honeywell and Zebra, commission regular, global surveys of distribution centre managers.  Recent results show that (unsurprisingly) warehouses are planning big investments in automating inventory management. In Zebra’s study, 85% of warehouse managers expected to be benefiting from efficiencies brought about by mobile computers and access to WMS by 2020. From only 36% usage now, 89% of warehouse managers expected to be taking advantage of RFID technology over the same period.        

Our RFID-enabled warehouse-management systems can boost efficiencies in put-away and picking, verifying shipments received from the manufacturer and those shipped to customers with greater precision. This increases everything from inventory accuracy to merchandise replenishment speed — while reducing opportunities for human error. What’s more, you can be certain that the quantities listed in your multiple marketplaces are completely accurate.

Think about personal ID too

Another piece in your warehouse management jigsaw is your warehouse team as it’s easy to get forget about employee tracking. If you’re integrating a new inventory or warehouse management system, consider including security protocols that make it easier to track people on the warehouse floor - and recognise if non-authorised individuals are where they shouldn’t be.

If you take the time now to put warehouse organization into practice on a daily basis, operations can run smoothly, products can get picked faster, and employees can be happier with the right tools and techniques.

To find out how you can benefit from our warehouse and inventory management systems, contact us today.


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