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Many Manufacturing sites and Warehouses still rely on paper based systems to perform business processes like quality and machine checks etc.

This often critical data is then manually entered into a digital system, spreadsheets or in some cases is paper based and simply filled in an office cabinet for future reference and proof of inspection.

Accessing this data, for say BRC accreditation, is time consuming and delays traceability exercises, often forms cannot be physically found in time. Manual errors can be a problem too when paper based data is keyed in to systems, especially if this is done by administrative personnel who are not familiar with the data.

This approach results in the majority of manufacturing sites being “Data rich and information poor” meaning a significant volume of data is collected daily at multiple points within a Manufacturing or Warehouse site but this data is not readily available to Key Decision makers at the right time nor reliable.

At a time when manufacturers across the UK are considering the potential of scarce labour resource and the subsequent impact on shop floor wages increases due to Brexit, surely now is the time to invest in technology to reduce these dual risks.

Paperless Factories and Warehouses are increasingly common place as they are delivering solid ROI. The advent of lower priced rugged tablet devices is assisting in better and faster ROI as they are designed to withstand the demands of a factory environment so can be used extensively across production/processing lines. This allows factory managers to digitize their Manufacturing workflows and to streamline business processes – driving faster production and inspection throughput. Today’s device technology and user friendly software also provides the added benefit of de-skilling some tasks so expensive skilled labour can be focused on more highly skilled roles.

Typically benefits also include

  • Improving Workflow & decision making – Having “Real time” information when and where required on the factory/warehouse floor
  • The ability to increase intake or production line quality checks at low cost & deal with non-conformances faster.
  • Improved Inventory control - Increasing Picking Accuracy and shipping
  • The ability for managers and team leaders to track production KPI’s with “Real time” dashboards whilst on the move
  • The ability for maintenance engineers to capture images and remotely connect with 3rd parties to reduce unplanned downtime thereby increasing OEE.
  • 24/7 access to data eg manuals, work orders etc.
  • The ability to remotely connect to intelligent PLC enabled equipment

The Barcode Warehouse and its Software partners offer a wide range of rugged tablets with accessories and software services.

Contact our Manufacturing & Logistics Senior Consultant Alan Staines on for more information.


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