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RFID labels and wristbands to track anything – and anyone

We supply a wide range of RFID labels and wristbands, suitable for stock and supply chain management, high value item tagging, cashless transactions, guest tracking and confirming patient ID.

RFID paper labels

We offer many types of RFID labels for stock control, supply chain and inventory management, ideal for labelling apparel and applications including corrugated and plastic packaging materials. These can be provided blank for you to custom print and encode using your own RFID printers. We can also provide RFID scanners/readers and we’re also developing breakthrough software that will help you maximise the data captured.

RFID Silverline all surface labels/tabs

Our Silverline label-like tabs are perfect for tagging high value plastic and metal items and assets. Manufactured from printable white polyester, they’re highly flexible and use a high performance acrylic adhesive, providing excellent durability across a range of operating temperatures, as well as resistance to water and chemicals.

RFID wristbands

We provide a range of Ultra High Frequency (UHF) and High Frequency (HF) wristbands that can be used for guest tracking within your premises or at events. Our wristbands are also being increasingly used for patient identification purposes in healthcare and hospitals, including a safer, easier way to match patients with their records.

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