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Published date: 04/04/2018 13:10


We are extremely pleased to announce that B2M Solutions, the enterprise mobile device analytics company that delivers actionable insights, has announced that The Barcode Warehouse has been selected as the winner of its 2017 Partner of the Year award.

From demonstrating innovation when incorporating Elemez (B2M’s enterprise mobile analytics solution that is helping companies to optimise their mobile devices), the award is given to the European partner best showcasing the fusion.

As specialists in Enterprise Mobility and Managed Services, The Barcode Warehouse has included Elemez in our ‘Smart Service’ portal, providing enhanced visibility and asset management to our customers.

B2M Founder and CEO Julie Purves commented: “The Barcode Warehouse has shown exceptional innovation by integrating B2M’s Elemez analytics into their own solutions. Their achievements deserve to be recognised and I’m delighted to announce them as winners of our Partner of the Year awards.

“For many businesses, the investment in enterprise mobile devices is a significant one and disruptions and downtime can be costly. But through Elemez and the services it powers, devices are monitored and potential problems can be identified quickly before they become in-field issues. The result is that downtime is minimised, problems are quickly solved and productivity is maximised.”

This is another award confirming our top position within the barcoding and managed services industry, and we look forward to future projects and challenges.

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