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Published date: 30/08/2019 08:36


September marks the start of a new academic year. We’re here to help make a stressful time of the year a little better with the most up to date technology to aid you in your everyday tasks within the education sector.

Below is a range of devices we can supply, including card printers, scanners, card readers and lanyards.  


Card Printers

One of the most critical jobs in an educational establishment is ensuring the safety of your students, staff and visitors whilst on site. 

The ZC Series of card printers from Zebra are designed with security in mind, as well as being compact enough to fit into a busy administrator’s office. Simple to use, the ZC Series will aid your establishment by helping you create items such as:

  • Identification cards for staff and students

  • Visitor passes

  • Access cards for secure areas

  • Library cards


ZC100 Card Printer

Single sided printer that is easy to set up, use and manage.

The ZC100 automatically adjusts to any card thickness, with innovations that make ribbon changes virtually fool-proof. It also offers a one-of-a-kind graphical user interface that brings a new level of simplicity to controlling the printing process. And, Print DNA offers a collection of high-value solutions that makes it easier than ever to integrate card printing into your apps, design cards and support your printers.

Click here to shop the ZC100 >


ZC300 Card Printer

Single and Dual sided variants for all card printing needs.

The ZC300 card printer delivers ground-breaking simplicity, security and connectivity options in the slimmest fit-everywhere design in this printer class. Virtually all pain points typically associated with card printing are eliminated, making it easier than ever to print cards. The result is push-button simplicity, regardless of whether you are printing single or dual-sided cards in colour or in black and white.

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ZC350 Card Printer

Complete card printing flexibility with extra security options.

Print single or dual-sided edge-to-edge colour or black and white cards, with new ribbons that offer specialty colours and special effects. With push-button card printing simplicity for even the most complex cards. The slimmest fit-everywhere design it's easy to add card printing wherever you need it. And since virtually all encoding options are integrated, you can print contact, contactless, proximity or magnetic stripe cards, right out of the box.

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Have you heard about our Zebra Printer trade- up offer? The ZC100, ZC300 and ZC350 printer models are all eligible. Click here to find out more >



Do you need lanyards to go with your new cards? We’ve got a range of lanyards and ID card holders available.

Card Reader and Auto Locking Presence Detector

Every now and then, you and your staff may feel as though things are getting on top of you. RF-Ideas products can help ease to the burden and get through the day- stress-free, knowing that your institution is as secure as can be.

Uses of RF-Ideas products include:

  • Card Enrolment

  • Auto-Locking

  • Time Attendance & User ID

  • Secure Print & More!

RF-IDeas PcProx Plus

A cutting-edge card reader, combining proximity & contactless technologies into one reader.

Eliminates the need for manual entry and provides error-free identification and security throughout the workplace.

The pcProx Plus reader can be used as a stand-alone unit, or can be seamlessly integrated with other software applications using the optional Software Developer Kit. 

Click here to shop the RF-IDeas PcProX Plus >


RF-IDeas Sonar

Solves security risks and privacy concerns with unattended computers without requiring additional software or user action.

When a user steps away from the computer, the product automatically locks the computer.

The pcProx Sonar contains configurable flash memory which holds user definable keystrokes, delays, settings, and trigger distance (2–5ft).

Click here to shop the RF-IDeas Sonar >




Keep your library running as smoothly as possible with Datalogic scanners.


The Quickscan QD2400

2D scanning with the ability to read from mobile device screens

Lower cost of ownership without sacrificing durability

Dark red illumination is easier on the eyes, with a blue LED targeting system for precision scanning

Click here to shop the Quickscan QD2400 >


The Heron HD3430

2D scanning with ‘green spot’ technology for good- read feedback

Options of either a black ‘carbon-fiber’ look or a white ‘silver’ colour

Option to add logo with top cover colour with customised visual and audio feedback- so you can personalise to your school, college or university colours

Click here to shop the Heron HD3430 >



For more information, email us at  or alternatively call us on 0330 131 1111.
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