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Published date: 29/11/2018 10:00


Winter is now well and truly upon us, and with the days drawing in, leaving work in the dark and having cold weather comes the work slump- the need for that extra cup of coffee to keep you going throughout the working day. 

Here at The Barcode Warehouse, we believe making the effort to take part in festivities, whether inside or outside of the office, can help you get through those long, dark days, and have a little fun too. 


Here are some festive ideas your office could get involved in this winter;


1. A festive Bake off

No one can deny that Christmas is a great excuse to eat a lot more than you should- and with The Great British Bake Off being such a popular programme (over 6 million people tuning in to watch!), why not take part in your own office bake off- with a festive twist. Such ideas could be Gingerbread men, Mince pies or a Yule log. This offers a bit of fun for those that will bake- and the ones who get to judge!


2. Christmas jumper day

Christmas jumper day for Save the Children is on Friday 14th December this year. Get everyone together and wear your most outrageous Christmas jumper, all whilst raising money for a great charity.

3. Secret Santa

With a 5 or 10 pound limit with secret Santa, you can get really creative with your gift giving- within reason of course! Get your colleague a new office mug or a silly Santa outfit, whether they use it or not- it’s the thought that counts.

4. Run a Christmas themed 5K

Instead of buying each other presents this Christmas, why not sponsor those in the office who wish to partake in a Holiday themed 5K- raise some money for those who can’t afford to celebrate this year, and have a good laugh with your colleagues whilst running dressed as Santa or Rudolph!

5. Decoration competition

If you have a large office- why not set up a competition for best decorated tree, or best decorated desk and have a day of voting and giving out awards to the winners.

6. A letter box to the North Pole

Let’s face it- we all miss writing our letters to Santa and wondering what we’ll receive on Christmas morning. Why not set up your own letter box in the office- a bit like a suggestion box where everyone can write what they wish from the company for the following year. You never know- there could be some great ideas to take forward.

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