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Published date: 02/10/2018 08:35


Every business strives to be a cut above the rest. 

However, do you find yourself struggling to go further? If you run a business it is likely that you’ll want to try new and different tactics and processes, however the inevitable is that there is always at least one factor that may assist in dampening productivity in the workplace.  

You will need to alleviate these productivity-killers as soon as you can once they are recognised. Below we have listed 5 simple steps to help your business improve productivity in a proactive manner: 


A streamlined process will save your business time and improve cost-efficiency on route to increasing your productivity. By streamlining your processes, you will cut out any unnecessary steps to procedure and focusing instead on your business’ interests.  

Additionally, your business will save resources and with less corners being cut, reduce errors. This can be critical to business growth and development, with competition in every corner. 

You may be interested in understanding how streamlining processes will affect your budget and what ROI you will get from your improvements. Simply, by cutting process waste benefits can include: Less time spent wasted, eg, searching for documents, higher volume of work output, error reduction, faster service delivery and more.  


Not having the right equipment to do your job can be tiresome and may result in huge losses for your company. Not only will the right equipment boost your business, but will also boost employee morale.  

Old, breaking or the wrong tools from the job can add extra stress to workers, regardless of profession. Waiting to invest can seem like it has its perks, such as saving money. This however couldn’t be further from reality: the incorrect or breaking equipment is more damaging and will lose you more profit than if your business is to invest in the critical equipment you need.  

The right tools for the job will increase your working speed and lose complications you had before your investment. With the correct tools, your business will be able to quickly increase productivity, get ahead of competition and most importantly, grow. 


Technology has an abundance of ways in which you can boost your business’ profitability and productivity if used responsibly. Solutions such as Mobile Device Management software can allow your employees the freedom to use business critical applications, but has the ability to limit allowances on social and unproductive technology during working hours. 

It is important to research and speak to experts about how and what technology can help improve productivity for your business. Mobile devices for example enable access to a stream of critical constant communication between working employees looking to collaborate, as well as on-the-go access to work-related documents and tools.  

Whatever your profession, technology such as mobile computers, printers, tracking or telematics, scanning systems and much more can transform the productivity of your business and improve workflow. By eliminating manual processes, you will save time and work smarter.  


Feedback is critical to show you how your business appears to your workforce and the outside world. With no advice, guidance or feedback from your customers or employees, your company may struggle to reach its goals. Avoiding challenging conversations, or facing criticizing comments may be tough, but ideas, developments and improvements can generate new plans for business growth.  

Developing a culture of feedback creates a positive, collaborative environment which can assist in building crucial relationships for your business. When your employees are satisfied, productivity grows. When your customers are happy, you know your business is heading in the right direction.  

Lastly, feedback will allow your company to evaluate goals. Have you reached your goals? What did you do differently this year? How can this new piece of technology help the business grow and improve? These are all valid questions that can make you think more in depth about each aspect of your business and spot the places where you are able to improve productivity.  


Effective communication can have a positive and lasting effect of employee productivity and morale. Misunderstandings will be diminished, and your business may have more transparency.  

If your business has a clear direction and goals which are communicated frequently, fewer errors are likely to be made and uncertainty will be wiped out, therefore increasing your productivity and creating a more cost-effective path. Directives such as mobile phones, tablets and mobile computers all give your staff the ability to access critical work-related documents and applications wherever they are. 

Workers will also have the ability to communicate with other employees or managers when they need to, resulting in quick problem solving and a more satisfied customer base. 


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