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Published date: 30/12/2019 10:36


With a new year comes the optimism of a fresh start and many new years’ resolutions being made. You and your employees may feel the slump of the January Blues, so what better time to consider investing in more efficient and productive technologies and solutions than on January 1st?

You may be thinking about your business’ common pain points: how can we solve them? For many of you productivity and support are pain points for your business. You may feel you are wasting time using your current products, or your workers aren’t receiving the correct technological support for the critical stages in their workday. We can help you by providing technological solutions for you and your workforce.

Why not prepare for your year ahead with solutions from the Barcode Warehouse.


Mobile Computers

Whether you work in Retail, Warehousing, Manufacturing, T&L or Healthcare, mobile computers can keep your employees connected, improve productivity and increase workflows. With many different brands to choose from, you have the option to scan and take photos, choose a rugged model or chemical resistant plastics for daily cleaning, you can rest assured we can help you make the perfect choice for your unique business. 


Rugged Tablets

Rugged and robust tablets make the perfect companions for those in T&L, Field Services and Manufacturing. Built to survive drops and dust with water resistance, rugged tablets are the smart choice if you need a big screen and connectivity without the worry of breaking.


Barcode Scanners

Whether you’re looking for a 1D, 2D, wired, wireless or hands-free device, we’ve got the perfect one for your needs. With the ability to scan damaged barcodes and barcodes on a smart phone, our barcode scanners can speed up your processes, whether that’s speeding up customer queues in retail or giving your employees quicker and more accurate scanning in warehousing.



From high performance, industrial label printers to desktop printers and portable printers for employees on the go, we’ve got a wide range to suit you. Our portable printers are great for field services to print labels or receipts on the go. Our desktop printers suit retail and hospitality and the industrial printers are made to survive rugged work spaces. Our card printers are perfect to create library or ID cards for educational facilities.


Point of Sale (POS)

Prepare for those January sales by investing in new POS hardware and software. With touchscreens available in an array of different sizes, invest in a new POS computer to keep your queues flowing.

Mytill is an electronic point of sale system that is fast, efficient and user friendly so your service can stand out from the crowd, as well as streamline management processes. Bought to you from our experts at The Barcode Warehouse, MyTill is a cloud based EPOS software that can be used on mobile devices, tablets and POS computers.


Microlistics Warehouse Management Software

Providing warehouse management systems (WMS) around the globe, Microlistics are more than just WMS suppliers, they are supply chain experts.

From the smallest warehouse to the largest multi-site distribution centre, working with Microlistics, we will dedicate ourselves to finding a solution that suits your business for now and for the long-term. Improve your Warehouse Management with the Barcode Warehouse and Microlistics.


EPOD for Transport and Logistics

Streamline operations by leveraging real-time information on the go, whilst hitting contractual SLA’s month in, month out. 

Working with specialists in the T&L industry, we have put together a bundle of the top available solutions and assembled an all-in-one delivery and more solution for you. By leveraging purposefully developed software, hardware and managed services, this solution will go a long way in increasing how your company operates.

Increase accuracy, simplify and increase driver productivity and enhance customer satisfaction and improve visibility with the Barcode Warehouse EPOD solution.


SOTI MobiControl Enterprise Mobility Management

The leading enterprise mobility management (EMM) solution for securing, supporting and managing business-critical mobility and IoT device deployments

SOTI MobiControl is an enterprise mobility management solution that secures and manages Google Android, Apple iOS, Linux, macOS and Microsoft Windows devices, throughout their entire lifecycle, from deployment to retirement. It controls all aspects of business mobility, from tracking physical assets, managing applications and content, as well as keeping devices and data safe and secure.



For more information, email us at or alternatively call us on 0330 131 1111.
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