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Boost your Delivery, Collection and Returns

PreCom Logistics software from PocketMobile - designed for post, parcel and pallet companies of all sizes.

Allowing your drivers and terminal workers to effectively manage the delivery, collection and returns processes – PreCom has the ability to be tailored to your company.

Boost productivity, efficiency and ensure SLA’s are hit: Scanning and Smart Loading are hugely important to allow your drivers to leave on time to maximise their road time. Whilst on the road, real-time information and decision-making tools will allow your workers to ensure that first time delivery, collection and return-rates are consistently optimised.

Additionally, real-time ETA information is provided to your customers, increasing customer satisfaction and improving communications, internally and externally for your business.

  • Streamline operations by leveraging real time track & trace with ePOD

  • Become paperless and efficiently manage tasks, such as vehicle checklists, driver 'fit for duty' reports, driver de-brief etc., all on a mobile device

  • Enhance customer satisfaction and hit contractual SLAs month in, month out

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Drive Business Intelligence

Barcode scanning, event data, GPS position and other key data from the software will give your drivers and terminal workers accurate information, quickly.

Improve First-Time Delivery Rates

Transparent information and real-time communications give the driver everything he need, when he needs it.

Create Smiling Customers

As a customer, it is becoming almost essential to know when are parcels are en-route, where they are and when they will arrive. Real-Time ETA updates are there to keep your customers up to date. 

Sharpen City Deliveries

Sustainability and Volume Management is key to navigating and managing crowded urban logistics issues. 

Empower your Drivers

Less hassle and more interesting assignments will keep your drivers motivated.


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2 packages for you to choose from and can be fully customised as and where you need.

PreCom Logistics Mix*

For Logistics service providers that work in a dynamic, fast-paced environment, where SLA reporting and efficiency is required. For example: Direct-Store-Deliveries or Business-to-Business deliveries.

PreCom Logistics Max**

Aimed at more advanced deliveries, perhaps those where customer experience is of significant importance. Typical use-cases may involve home delivery, instant and same-day-delivery or postal operations.

*  ** Licenses start from £20 a month.

For more information or to book a demo, email us at  or alternatively call us on 0330 131 1111.

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