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One of the most critical jobs in an educational establishment is ensuring the safety of your students, staff and visitors whilst on site. 

In the new age of technology, more education trusts are putting their trust in technology to improve the productivity of both students and staff. With the right technology and know-how, we can help you boost the security of your institution(s) and provide interactive ways of teaching.

With the introduction of our technology in your educational facility, you can stay secure with ID cards for students, staff and visitors. Not only this, you can speed up the canteen queues at lunch time with quick payment methods and keep tabs on all schoolbooks and materials with scanners for your library. Make lessons more fun and interactive with the introduction of tablets and interactive touchscreen monitors. Let us help you provide a safe, secure and fun place for your students.


Tablets, Scanners & Technology

We stock a wide variety of hardware solutions for almost any need. There is no such thing as too complex – from barcode scanners for keeping track of inventory in your library to tablets and interactive touchscreen monitors to make lessons more interactive, we can provide your school with technology to keep your educational facility connected.




ID Cards & Readers for Security

Keep students and staff safe with our range of ID Card Printers and Readers. Our Card printers are designed with security in mind, as well as being compact enough to fit into a busy administrator’s office. Create your own personalised Identification cards for staff and students, Visitor passes, Access cards for secure areas and Library cards. Our card readers eliminate the need for manual entry and provides error-free identification and security throughout the workplace.




Point of Sale (POS) Solutions

From fixed POS systems to mobile point of sale solutions, we can work with you to provide a solution that works best for your school canteen, and onsite uniform shops, gyms and theatres. Our Mytill EPOS software system is built on Android and allows you to manage money, inventory and staff all on one system. Our range of fingerprint scanners can also provide an easy way for students to top up and pay for lunch without having to carry cash with them.



Labels & Printing Solutions

We are the UKs’ largest producer of labels, manufacturing 1 billion labels per annum. We supply a variety of labels, including software so that you can print your own labels; you can then choose from our wide range of printers and printing systems. So whether you need to label food made in your school canteen, or label books in your library, we've got you covered.



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