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Whether you work in the manufacturing food and beverage industry packaging goods, or cook and serve food to customers in hospitality, every role in the food and beverage industry is responsible for food safety compliance. 

Food safety is fundamental to the success of your food business. Improper handling of food puts employees and guests at risk of food-borne illnesses, and improper labelling, such as incorrect ingredients or dates, on food packaging could cause the end user serious illness.

With our food and beverage solutions, you can automate your processes; eradicate manual, time-intensive paper records, recognise issues before they become a problem and enable full traceability throughout your procedures. 


Mobile Computers, Scanners & Technology

We stock a wide variety of hardware solutions for almost any need. There is no such thing as too complex - from RFID devices, to mobile computers to barcode scanners, image based & industrial readers and portable printers. We can provide your business with the tools to keep your staff connected, and track processes through taking photos, scanning or completing forms and checklists.



Food Safety Automation

With our food manufacturing solutions, food and product safety are assured by automating ingredient identification and label inspection, expiration date verification and secondary packaging, among other processes.

Automate your food hospitality processes by eradicating timely manual paper- based records and upgrade to technology. Ensure HACCP compliance by controlling proper handling, critical temperatures and more. Our solutions can help you create an environment in which food safety is ensured.



Labels & Printing Solutions

We are the UKs’ largest producer of labels, manufacturing 1 billion labels per annum. We supply a variety of labels for different environments such as freezers, which include software so that you can print your own labels; you can then choose from our wide range of printers and printing systems. Ensure you stay compliant with Natasha’s Law by printing correct allergen labelling, every time.



Managed Services

Keep downtime to an absolute minimum with a Barcode managed service for your mobile devices. Save time and repair costs and increase up-time and productivity. We will work with you to create a bespoke managed solution that suits your business. 



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