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Work at any location


The MPS1500 (Mobile Picking Station) range is designed with ultimate flexibility in mind. This tough, mobile workstation provides independent power for your IT equipment, easily supporting a host of applications. Custom shelving options with printer, scanner and PC mounts built-in are just part of the new MPS 1500’s appeal.

The fast swap dual battery pack feature keeps our mobile workstations ready to work 24/7. You can choose to run the unit from two batteries, doubling the power capacity, or alternatively, one battery can be charged separately and swapped over when power is running low.

Deploy your existing IT equipment exactly when and where you need it

Falcona’s mobile workstations increase staff productivity as they take their computers and tools with them; performing their work at any location. This mobility improves freedom and efficiency as workers no longer need to go back and forth from one point to check information – with the MPS 1500, the information they need is right there at their fingertips, at all times.

The MPS 1500 is ideal for receiving, inspecting, recording, warehouse labelling and re-routing of products in and out of goods receiving. Tasks such as inventory checks, quality control monitoring, product labelling and packaging can be handled using the same mobile workstation, removing the need to walk to fixed locations.

Additionally, any computer-based training can be performed away from the manufacturing floor, to avoid interfering with busy teams.

Workers can use a computer or touchscreen tablet for a full standard 8-hour shift depending on the amount of scanning and printing required.




  • Tops made from hard wearing composite material with option of standard or large work surface to give ample room for any picking or packing application
  • Built to be used in rugged environments
  • Optional dual removable battery for true 24 x 7continuous operation
  • Reduce footfall and increase worker efficiency
  • Mobile 240V supply onboard provides power to a range of IT equipment
  • LCD display shows power status of the workstation and battery levels
  • Full range of scanner and VESA compliant monitor mounts, printer trays, PC and laptop slings and moulded work surfaces
  • Medical grade, acid-proof finishes available for healthcare and pharmaceutical environments
  • Designed, manufactured and built in the UK using sustainable and recyclable materials

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