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Published date: 14/02/2019 10:41


On the 12th February, The Barcode Warehouse held a Tobacco Products Directive Roadshow in conjunction with Honeywell.


The Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) is a legislation being brought in by the EU to try and prevent the distribution and sales of counterfeit tobacco products. Effective from the 20th May 2019, businesses must be in full compliance with the EU TPD or be exposed to penalties. All economic operators (manufacturers importers, distributors and wholesalers) operating in the EU are obliged to implement approved end-to-end track & trace systems for the following;

• All Pre-Made Cigarettes

• Roll your Own (RYO) products

These systems need to be implemented:

• Down to unit level and

• extend to the retail point of sale


Click here to learn more about TPD: What it is, who it effects and the solution we are offering from Honeywell.


The event ran over 2 sessions and gained a great response from visitors. Each session ran for 3 hours, with presentations from The Barcode Warehouse, Honeywelll and Movillizer. The presentations covered the basics of TPD, what TPD means for the economic operator, the Reimbursement process, hands on with devices/ software, Q&A, and an optional managed service tour.

We'd like to thank Honeywell and Movilizer for their support, and all those who organised and ran the event and made it a huge success! And of course, we'd like to thank all those who attended the Roadshow held at our headquarters in Newark.




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