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Published date: 03/04/2019 10:41


The Mainstream Support End Date for Windows Embedded 8.1 Handheld is 09/07/2019.

The Extended Support End Date for Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5 is 14/01/2020. 

The extended support end date will vary on your devices. For migration guidance and advice on upgrades before service and support for your affected hardware is no longer available, Please Contact us. 

A lot rides on making the right migration decisions; Preparing your strategic move to Android will benefit your business. 

Migration to Android is easier than you may think: The worlds' largest Operating System (OS) will take little to no training, saving you valuable time; Streamlined workflows with Smarter, Better, Faster technologies and services; Easier, quicker to use interfaces.

Let us assist you with your business requirements: We can advise you on the right products for you and your workers.  

For more information, email us at  or alternatively call us on 0330 131 1111.
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