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Does it ever feel like you or your staff suffer from disconnected communication?

If your workers use multiple devices to reach the data and people they need throughout the day, they suffer from ‘communications disconnect’ — forced to waste time switching between different devices to get the job done, and forcing you to purchase and support multiple devices per person. Introducing Workforce Connect Powered by Savanna, the easy way to marry all the voice and data communications capabilities your workers need into one easy-to-use and easy-to-manage device. 

No more forced time wasting when switching between devices, no more forced support for multiple devices, and no more confusion.  


We would like to introduce Zebra Workforce Connect powered by Savanna to your business. Imagine a world where you can serve customers anywhere in store, where your warehouse is tidy and productivity from all angles of your business reaches a consistent maximum. 


Two offerings provide three key communications capabilities: Workforce Connect PTT Pro offers global PTT services and secure messaging on Zebra enterprise-class mobile devices as well as iOS and Android consumer mobile devices, while Workforce Connect Voice turns Zebra mobile devices into mobile deskphones via PBX integration.



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The Workforce Connect Family

Since one model of communication isn’t appropriate for all communications or environments, Workforce Connect PTT Pro provides your workers with a choice. A PTT call is perfect when a conversation is the most efficient means to resolve an issue or get an answer to a complex question. A text message is perfect when a conversation isn’t appropriate due to privacy issues, you just need an answer to a straightforward question, or you need to send supporting multimedia information — such as a photo or video. And both cloud-based communication modes are easy to use and can be up and running in as little as a day.



Workforce Connect PTT Pro

PTT Pro’s worldwide push-to-talk (PTT) services allow you to turn your Zebra mobile computers into global walkie-talkies that enable workers to instantly connect with the right users — from one co-worker or a pre-defined group, such as a department or a role like all managers, to a group that is defined on the fly or your entire workforce. And since PTT Pro works over virtually any WiFi or cellular network, calls can be placed to any other user, whether they are in another aisle, a store across town or in an office on the other side of the world. 

Workforce Connect MultI-Media Messaging

PTT Pro’s enterprise-class secure multi-media messaging functionality provides the peace of mind that comes from knowing that all the messages your workers send are fully encrypted while in-transit. Even the most sensitive data is secure, such as customer payment information — unlike the public cellular network. With multimedia support, workers can send whatever type of information will help get the job done faster, including images, hyperlinks and text. And with Message of the Day, you can easily send an important audio or video announcement to a department or your entire company.

Workforce Connect Voice 

Turn your Zebra mobile devices into fully-featured mobile deskphones with Workforce Connect Voice. This flexible solution allows your workers to take and make calls to and from customers, employees in other stores, vendors and more, anywhere in the store. You can create a custom interface that makes it easy to execute even the most complex telephony functions.



This modular family of communication solutions allows the addition of features at any time. You get reliable services you can count on around the clock, with redundant servers, multiple routing options, around-the-clock monitoring and more. You get comprehensive scalability — Workforce Connect solutions are designed to meet the needs of virtually any size business, from a handful to hundreds or thousands of workers. It’s cost effective, with low-cost subscription services for enterprise-class PTT and secure messaging services to the ability to add PBX services by leveraging the PBX and Zebra devices you already own — instead of purchasing and managing deskphones. 

The configuration and management couldn’t be easier with Profile Manager (optional). Profile Manager allows you to set rules for users or a specific role, such as a manager. You can select specific features, define which contacts to load and even define specific behaviors in certain conditions. Then, when users log in, Profile Manager automatically configures the device for that specific worker, making it possible for users on different shifts to share devices.


Workforce Connect Powered by Savanna — the power of one device for all your voice and data needs, delivered.

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