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Deliveries are everywhere now-a-days: From single consumer items to large business hauls, the world is demanding more and more from the industry.

Pressure to deliver on time with full in-depth tracking information is growing hugely. 

Working with specialists in the T&L industry, we have put together a bundle of the top available solutions and assembled an all-in-one delivery and more solution for you. 

By leveraging purposefully developed software, hardware and managed services, this solution will go a long way in increasing how your company operates. 

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What is EPOD (Electronic Proof of Delivery)?

Every courier, postal and Logistics Company needs the ability to successfully track and trace their parcels. We believe that by offering a bundle solution to our customers, you will have everything you could need to create a happy delivery experience, every time. 

Using pen and paper when working in the elements can slow you down massively, reducing productivity. This can have an impact on your company’s annual revenue stream as operations are not as efficient as they could be, meaning you get less done. 

The EPOD solution will allow you to streamline operations by leveraging real-time information on the go. Not only this, but you will have the ability to hit contractual SLA’s month in, month out. 

The ability to advance your Delivery, Collection and Returns by leveraging this solution will allow you to grow your business in a way that paper-based workflows simply can’t. 

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Five reasons we think you'll love our new EPOD Solution:


The customer experience will be hugely improved

Your workers and drivers will have no qualms about what job they need to do.


Your revenue will naturally drive upwards

With an improved customer service, businesses and consumers will want to use your company again and again.


Your drivers will never have to revert back to slow pen & paper ways of working

With a full Managed Services package, if a device breaks, simply let us know and we can arrange a smooth repair or swap out.


Always be ‘there’

With 42Gears Mobile Device Management (MDM), you can get automatic push updates and remotely monitor device health. So if anything nasty is on its way to damage your device, you will be able to catch it.


An 'All-in-One' Solution

Your Delivery Solution gives you the full bundle all-in-one, it couldn’t be easier for your company to send, track and locate parcels.

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For more information or a bespoke quote, email us at or alternatively call us on 01636 600351.

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